Hot Cross Buns' Yoga Pants - Holland Lop cream buck on teal background
Hot Cross Buns' Yoga Pants - Holland Lop cream buck on teal background

Yoga Pants' Page

About Yoga Pants

  • His littermates' names are Noom, FitBit, and Zumba.

  • Genetically, Yoga Pants should be a blue/cream harlequin, but he appears to be a solid cream.

  • Yoga Pants has a very outgoing, curious, active personality. He is very interested in people and other animals and would love to free-roam 100% of the time.

  • Yoga Pants is a happy buck, and loves receiving a lot of attention. He is very much a Social Butterfly Bun, combined with a large dose of Energetic Bun. If he were a dog, he would be a Boxer. He has the same lovable, goofy nature and will drive himself to distraction if he can't see what every person or rabbit is doing.

  • He is excellent at using his litter box.

Date of Birth: April 30, 2023
Parents: Genevieve & Hamish
Color: Solid Cream in appearance

Gender: Buck

Status: Available to clients with approved New Bunny Questionnaire status
Availability date: On or after May 3, 2024
Placement Fee: $350 ($275 for Yoga Pants & $75 Neuter fee)

Yoga Pants was supposed to be a breeding buck for our rabbitry, but things have not quite worked out as we had hoped. Although he has been more than willing to give it his best, Yoga has not sired any litters despite repeated attempts with just about every doe in our herd. Although we love this spunky boy, he is destined for life as a pet buck.

He is very much an active, playful, inquisitive boy. Bucks typically calm down a bit after they are neutered, and we predict that will be the case after a couple of months pass and his hormone levels decrease following his procedure.

All of the Buns go to their new homes with a bag full of goodies including: a packet of bunny care information, a small bag of transition food and hay, a snack baggie of old-fashioned raw oats for treats, a toy, and a fleece snuggle mat.
Yoga Pants was neutered on April 19th.