Waiting List

This Waiting List is for clients who have
  • completed the application process
  • been approved
  • placed their Waiting List deposit
  • and are waiting to be matched with their Hot Cross Bun.
    They are contacted when appropriate new Buns are listed.

After we work through the list, all other approved HCB clients may contact us to indicate interest in the Available Buns.

Abbie S. - Sweetly sociable and curious Bun for good companion and friend - open to coloring, pattern, gender - pd* (contacted at 2:50pm 7/13/24) (Waiting for future litter due to summer plans)

Iyana C. - prefers baby buck, black or "silvery" coloring - social butterfly/middle of the road who enjoys cuddle time, potential for bonding in the future, will free-roam when family is home for supervision (waiting for future date)

Madelyn J. - Ready November '24, - either gender, open to coloring, prefers social butterfly/MOTR mix, with a good does of cuddle Bun for fun family. Eventual free roam lifestyle, indoors only. (waiting for future date)


The following approved people have recently been removed from the waiting list due to lack of communication :

Michelle H. - removed 7/21/24 - no response since mid-April 2024

Whitney H. - Cuddly, sociable MOTR Baby buck who enjoys receiving love and affection, and will be comfortable and confident sharing life with a larger, quiet dog. - pd* (contacted for matching at 3:20pm 7/13/24...Funion...no response as of 5:10pm, 7/14/24...moving on to next client.) - removed 7/21/24 - No communication since mid-April

Evie W. - experienced bunny owner, prefers baby doe, MOTR, Sociable, Cuddly, drawn to more unusual colors, no black tort (memories of her first bunny), quieter home, will receive lots of interaction - pd* (contacted for matching at 3:35pm 7/13/24...Ruffles...no response as of 5:10pm, 7/14/24...moving on to next client) - removed 7/21/24 - no communication since mid-April 2024

If you believe you have been removed from the list in error, please contact us immediately. You are still an approved NBQ family, but we have not been able to reach you via email.

***Please remember, once you are approved and added to the waiting list, it is your responsibility to remain in contact with us every 2-3 weeks. If no email communication is received over a period of three months, your name will be removed from the waiting list and your deposit is forfeited.

Matched Clients

Awaiting Pick-Up Day

Happy Holland Lop GIF specially designed for Hot Cross Buns
Happy Holland Lop GIF specially designed for Hot Cross Buns

Nicole G. - Matched with Fuinion!

Paige S. Matched with Pringles!