Welcome to the HCB Shoppe!

We love to make special things for Buns and humans! We're working on building up our inventory of things to offer in the HCB Shoppe and are open to suggestions from our friends and clients. Because caring for the Buns is so time-consuming, their needs come first and crafting time is a bonus.

Our current offerings include a variety of affordable snuggle mats in an assortment of colors and patterns, with more on the way. (If you could see the stack of fabric I have cut out and am trying to find time to sew, you would either laugh or groan!) We also have a multitude of Snuggle Bunny lovey soft crocheted toys. They are so sweet and huggable!

Our hopes of adding hand crocheted baby sweaters and Holland Lop-sized crocheted bunny costumes are just around the corner! We have several darling baby sweaters available, I'm just trying to find a good way of displaying them for photos. :D It's always something!

We're trying to focus on physically smaller items that don't involve a lot of stuffing, so the shipping costs remain on the lower side. A friend suggested having Hot Cross Buns T-shirts printed to sell and we are looking into that as a possibility. I'm such a DIY person that I would probably want to figure out how to print them myself, which probably wouldn't be a good idea!

What would you like to see available in the HCB Shoppe? Please send us a quick message about any bunny-related items (or human-related!) we could sew or crochet to add to the HCB Shoppe and bring a smile to your face. We truly appreciate your input since we have many ideas, but need to focus on the practical aspects of life and productivity, too. We look forward to hearing from you!

Very sincerely,

Amy (Mom) & Evelyn (Daughter) @ Hot Cross Buns