Meet Yoga Pants

Interesting Facts About Yoga Pants

Holland Lop Buck at Hot Cross Buns

  • Yoga Pants was born on April 30, 2023, so he's still a young buck.

  • His parents are HCB's Genevieve (solid cream) & HCB's Hamish (black/orange harlequin).

  • His littermates' names are Noom, FitBit, and Zumba.

  • Genetically, Yoga Pants should be a blue/cream harlequin, but he appears to be a solid cream. We'll discover his true coloring when he sires a litter or two.

  • Yoga Pants is very eager to be a breeding buck, but he still hasn't figured out just what to do to make that happen.

  • Yoga Pants has a very outgoing, curious, active personality. He is very interested in people and other animals and would love to free-roam 100% of the time.

  • Yoga Pants is a happy buck, and loves receiving a lot of attention. He is very much a Social Butterfly Bun, combined with a large dose of Energetic Bun. If he were a dog, he would be a Boxer. He has the same lovable, goofy nature and will drive himself to distraction if he can't see what every person or rabbit is doing.

  • He is excellent at using his litter box.

  • We're hopeful that he will figure out the whole breeding thing soon. If he doesn't catch on, we may be retiring him as a pet buck in the next few months.

  • His next attempt at breeding will be with our orange doe, Penelope. If successful, this pairing should tell us Yoga Pants' true coloring. If he is a blue/cream harlequin all of their babies will be solid harlequins, probably a mixture of blue/cream babies and black/orange harlequin babies, as Penelope carries dilute coloring from her mother Rosie.