Thoughts to Consider Before Selecting a Cage for Your Rabbit

Buns need a place to call their own, where they can relax and feel safe. Take some time to consider these questions before selecting a space for your bunny.

Amy J. - Big Bunny @ HCB

2/19/20241 min read

You've decided to add a rabbit to your family. Congratulations! We are thrilled that your heart has been touched by the desire to bring home a sweet bundle of love and fun. But before you bring your bunny home, you need to make some decisions about where you will house your Bun. There are some very important things to consider before purchasing a cage or hutch.

  • ​What kind of rabbit are you getting and how large will it grow?

  • Is your bunny going to live inside with you, or will it be housed outside (or in an outbuilding), and therefore need additional protection from heat/cold?

  • How many rabbits are you planning to have in the future? One? Two? A whole houseful?

  • Will the bunny spend the majority of her time in her cage?

  • How much space for a cage and exercise pen are you willing/able to give your rabbit?

  • Will the exercise pen be attached to the cage, or will the bunny need to be carried to his/her exercise pen? Do you have room for a separate exercise pen?

  • Are you able to bend down comfortably to clean a cage, or will you need an option that allows you to stand upright to clean it?

  • Do you prefer a wire floor with a dropping tray or cage with a solid floor?

  • What type of flooring do you have in your home?

  • Are you planning to litter box train your bunny?

  • What is your budget for purchasing a cage?

  • Do you eventually plan to allow your rabbit to free-roam?

​The answers to these questions are going to guide you in your selection for the right cage space for your furry friend. The more space you can give to your rabbit, the happier he/she will be.