Theodosia's Page

Hot Cross Buns' Theodosia - solid chinchilla spayed doe on teal and white background
Hot Cross Buns' Theodosia - solid chinchilla spayed doe on teal and white background
Date of Birth: October 15, 2021
Parents: Molly & Little Boy Blue (both retired)
Color: Solid Chinchilla
Status: Available to Approved Clients
Availability: Available to clients with approved New Bunny Questionnaire status
Adoption Fee: $250 ($150 spay fee, $100 for Theodosia)

Theodosia (AKA Dozey, which rhymes with "Posey") is a lovely solid chinchilla doe. She was retired from our breeding program very early on because she had issues with nursing her kits. She was spayed in February 2023. She has been waiting quite a long time to be matched through no fault of her own. Dozey, as we call her, is a very sweet girl who is easy to handle and cuddles in our laps beautifully.

Most of our clients who are interested in being matched with an older Bun are looking for a bonding buddy for another bunny. Unfortunately, Dozey has no patience for being part of a bond. Whenever she is introduced to a buck as a potential bonding buddy, the buck will inevitably begin to mount her as part of the typical bunny interaction. It's totally normal, but Dozy is personally affronted by this behavior. She is always interested in meeting the other bunny initially, but loses interest as soon as he gets a bit too personal for her comfort. She is never aggressive towards the other bunny, but she muffins up into a very tense ball of disapproval and cannot or will not be coaxed back to the introduction. She shuts her eyes as tightly as possible and makes a face that looks like she's been sucking lemons. It's comical but very sad at the same time. This routine has been replayed several times with exactly the same results. For this reason, Theodosia prefers to be an only bunny.

Initially Dozey can come across as a serious, observant curmudgeon of a Bun who doesn't enjoy people or know how to have a good time. Nothing could be further from the truth. It does take her a while to feel comfortable with new people and situations, but she truly is a very loveable doe. She loves to cuddle and sits quietly while having her thick coat combed and brushed. She adores having her head and cheeks rubbed. While she's out and about for free-roam time, she binkies very happily. Dozey may not get as far off the floor as a baby Bun any longer, but she has a happy heart and knows how to show it.

Theodosia is not yet reliably litter box trained, as she still lives among the sight and scents of several other rabbits. We believe she will learn better habits very quickly, once she has been placed in a home of her own.

We are just getting around to re-listing Theodosia because she has been going through her spring molt. We were waiting until she looked her best for her new listing photos, rather than a topographical map. with lines around her body indicating where the fur was still coming out. LOL Hopefully we have waited long enough so that her face and her big, beautiful eyes are more noticeable than the tufts and clouds of fur she leaves in her wake.

Dozey happily eats 1/4 cup of Oxbow Garden Select Rabbit Pellets (Adult formula) each day, along with several handfuls of high quality hay. She is prone to getting a messy bottom with dietary changes like the addition of treats, so they are very rarely given.

All of the Buns go to their new homes with a bag full of goodies including: a packet of bunny care information, a small bag of transition food and hay, a snack baggie of old-fashioned raw oats for treats, a toy, and a fleece snuggle mat.