Hot Cross Buns Placement Policy

  • Hot Cross Buns Rabbitry has the right of first pick of all our stock. Not all bunnies born from our stock will be available for sale.

  • For pet quality bunnies: we require the purchaser to sign a Pet Placement Contract and Spay/Neuter Agreement

  • Bunny Pricing: Bunny prices are subject to change and are based upon the bunny's age, color, and gender.   Pet Quality Baby Bunnies: $275-$350

  • Hot Cross Buns will occasionally have senior bucks and does available.  These rabbits will be individually priced after they have been spayed/neutered and have had ample time to recover from their surgeries. We spay/neuter these rabbits to ensure that they are healthy. This is especially important for older, retiring brood does, to make certain they do not have any form of reproductive cancer. When we say we care about the health and well-being of our rabbits, we mean it.   The cost of the spay/neuter will be added to the price of the rabbit.             

  • Bunnies are not available for pick up until they are at least 8 weeks of age. This is for the bunny's health and well-being. There are no exceptions to this policy.  

  • Upon approval of the New Bunny Questionnaire, the client will pay a $25 non-refundable fee (via PayPal) to hold his/her place on the Hot Cross Buns waiting list. This fee will apply towards the bunny's listed sale price. (This fee is to ensure that people are serious about purchasing a bunny and to making a commitment toward communicating with Hot Cross Buns throughout the matching process.) 

  • Hot Cross Buns will attempt to accurately describe the observed temperament of each rabbit kit available. The client must remember that environmental and hormonal changes can change the rabbit's temperament. Hot Cross Buns is not responsible for temperament changes once the rabbit leaves our rabbitry.  

  • Clients are required to contact Hot Cross Buns at a minimum of once every 14 days to remain on the waiting list. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the waiting list deposit and removal from the waiting list.

  • The client will be offered his/her choice of bunnies as they become available, based upon place on the waiting list. (For example, the first person on the list will have first choice to reserve a bunny, the second person will have the next choice, and so on.)

  • Bunnies are reserved by placing a $25 deposit on their bunny of choice. This fee is payable through PayPal.  The client's bunny of choice becomes unavailable to anyone else once the reservation deposit is received. The reservation fee is deducted from the listed sale price of the bunny. 

  • The remaining balance of the bunny payment can be made via PayPal prior to pick up or in CASH ONLY at the time of pick up. Hot Cross Buns does NOT accept personal checks.    

  • If more than one pet bunny is desired, only two bucks or two does will be placed together, unless an already spayed/neutered bunny is available. This is to prevent accidental breeding prior to spaying/neutering.  

  • While we always breed for bunnies with a sweet, gentle temperament, we cannot guarantee a bunny's temperament once it leaves our rabbitry. Once removed from our care, the bunny will need a period of adjustment to the sights, sounds, and smells of its new environment. Aside from providing food, hay, and water for the first couple of days, we recommend not handling the bunny unless absolutely necessary. Scared/stressed out bunnies do nip, kick, and scratch. Spending time quietly in your bunny's presence, talking gently to accustom it to the sound of your voice will be much more beneficial to your relationship than trying to pet or hold it while it settles in. Please be aware of this and be understanding of the upheaval in your new pet's life away from its mother and litter mates. 

  • Even the most experienced breeders sex bunnies incorrectly from time to time. We do not guarantee the gender of any bunnies, although we always try our best to get it right and seek the opinion of another breeder when in doubt. 

  • We guarantee that our bunnies are healthy and free of injury at the time they leave our care.  As we do not know the environment, diet, or level of care the bunny will receive once leaving the premises, we are not responsible for the bunny's health and well-being after it is no longer in our possession.

  • We have the right to refuse the sale of any of our bunnies at any time. We will refuse the sale of any bunny if the client suddenly balks about the spay/neuter requirement for pet rabbits. Our policy is clearly posted and we expect pet rabbits to be spayed/neutered per our sales agreement. (Yes, this has happened.)

  • We do not provide refunds. Please consider well the commitment you are making as we do not accept returns for refunds. 

  • We do not ship bunnies via plane or transportation service. The purchaser must be present when the bunny is picked up and paperwork is signed.  

  • Full contact information is required before a bunny can be purchased. This includes full name, address, and phone number.

  • We do not guarantee the success of any bunny sold for showing or breeding purposes.

When picked up at our rabbitry, all bunnies will have:  

  • A birth certificate (for pet quality bunnies) or pedigree (for show/breeding bunnies)

  • A copy of this sales policy and the Pet Placement Spay/Neuter Agreement

  • Bunny care information sheets

  • Transitional bunny pellet food

  • Transitional hay (We recommend Small Pet Select, Grandpa’s Best, or Farmer Dave's 2nd cutting timothy hay when local organic hay is not available.)

  • Transitional oats for bunny treats. (We use organic rolled oats.)

  • A fleece resting mat and a toy.

Buyer’s Signature & Date                                              Breeder’s Signature & Date

Hot Cross Buns' Placement Policy