Ages & Stages of a Holland Lop

We're accustomed to calculating life in dog years for our pampered pooch pals, but how do we measure our Holland Lops' lives when compared to our own?

Amy J. - Big Bun at HCB

3/4/20241 min read

Genevieve at Hot Cross Buns: solid cream Holland Lop does on teal and white background
Genevieve at Hot Cross Buns: solid cream Holland Lop does on teal and white background

How does a Holland Lop's development coincide with typical human ages and stages? After working with our beloved Buns for many years, we have made some observations about how a Holland Lop changes and at what points they intersect with a person's general development.

Bear in mind that many things can cause slow down or speed up development through a particular stage. The food your bunny eats, whether or not it is a true dwarf or false dwarf rabbit, any health issues, how much exercise it receives, any stressors (such as being housed out of doors, or being exposed to loud sounds from which it can't escape), if it has been bred, and many other things can prematurely "age" a Holland Lop.

Please note that these observations are from personal, rather than scientific, experiences, so are not intended to offer any more than general guidelines about what expect as your rabbit matures.

  • human infancy 0-1 years = birth - three weeks for Holland Lops

  • human toddlers 1-3 years = 3-5 weeks for Holland Lops

  • childhood 3-8 years in humans = 5-12 weeks for Holland Lops

  • pre-pubescence in humans 8-11 years = 12 weeks - 4 months in Holland Lops

  • adolescence in humans 11 -17 years in humans = 4 - 7 months in Holland Lops

  • early adulthood 17-35 years (humans) = 7 -30 months in Holland Lops

  • middle age in humans 35-60 years = 2.5 years (30 months) - 6 years in Holland Lops

  • senior years for humans 60-80 years (slowing down, but still able to enjoy life) = 6-9 years for Holland Lops

  • elderly humans 80+ years (more likely physically frail and with apparent health issues) = 9 years and up

We'd love to hear from you about important observations you make about your Holland Lops as they grow and change. Send us an email at